Welcome to Big Audio Drama

Big Audio Drama is a  catalogue of audio files, primarily drama, that have been collected and compiled for the benefit of fans of the spoken word.

The site was originally put together for English language students to gain extensive listening practice and currently holds well over 20,000 audio files. Files are checked for quality and correct content. ‘Pages’ are added regularly and catalogue the site’s content. B.A.D is maintained with the help of contributors who help towards costs of storage and without their help I would no longer be able to justify running the site as a hobby. Audio files (.mp3) are downloadable and (mostly) streamable from all PCs and most smart devices. As of 2017 a Western Digital desktop application will be necessary to access files. Full instructions will be given.

The site was freely open to all but since 2011 I have had to, unfortunately, restrict access to content and today the site is available to those that are willing to help towards the costs associated with maintaining the site. The files are not for sale and many files have been contributed on the condition that they be for personal use only.

If you would like to subscribe to both Big Audio Drama and the B.A.D. Archive please fill in the contact form and submit. The annual subscription is £36 (£3 per month) and this goes towards the upkeep of the site and the hosting clouds.

The archive contains between 25 to 30,000 raw, unedited files and there may be multiple copies of a file and incomplete series. The missing files will be recorded and added when re-broadcasted. The repeats will be removed after editing.

Files will be added monthly and I will let you know of any monthly additions or any updates via the updates page.

Please note that we are a small community with a maximum of 100 subscribers.

Subscriptions are currently available.

Please fill in the contact form and I will send you the payment details for the recurring annual subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

During 2021 I will be carrying out work on the layout and navigation of the site. While work is being done I won’t be adding information on new files.


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